Our goal is to provide a hosted, open platform: a suite of tools that simplifies the work needed to share research, create online publications or host a conference.

Open source. Open to anyone.


A hosted platform that makes formerly inaccessible texts and other artifacts available in an exciting new way to researchers, students, and the general public alike.


The simplest way to create, host and manage an online publication.

Our first journal, INQUIRE, will be online in Fall 2010.


Create a conference website that allows attendees and presenters to share information and collaborate.
(See PopPrint08 for a preview of this technology.)

Coming Soon.

A couple of years ago being OPEN Source was good enough. We were able to share our work with colleagues and leverage the work of the community to bring projects like streetprint to them.

But how OPEN is that? Haven't we learned from Twitter and Facebook that OPEN really means that anyone can get involved. Anyone, without any technical knowledge, should be able to contribute.

That is why we started streetlabs. We are creating powerful hosted, platforms that allow us all to focus on our real goals and not Computing Science.